Hyperledger Development Tools

Open Source Suite for Enterprise Blockchain Networks


JavaScript fullstack smart contract systems

The way to develop world-class smart contracts for Hyperledger

Streamline your development process​

Quickly setup your Hyperledger development environment

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Convector Suite is a group of Open Source tools aimed for developers to thrive while building their innovations on enterprise blockchain frameworks such as Hyperledger Fabric, Sawtooth, and Quorum.
Access the source code from the Official Github Repository. You can also find the documentation here: DOCs.

Main components:

  • Convector Smart Contracts is a JavaScript fullstack smart contract systems framework. It allows developers to create world-class smart contracts for Hyperledger Fabric through a Model/Controller Pattern. Find out more about Convector Smart Contracts here.
  • Hurley is the easies way to create a development blockchain in your local computer. It streamlines your development process​ by allowing you to easily create and destroy environments as well install chaincodes (smart contracts) and upgrade them. Find out more about Hurley here.

Both tools are provided through an Apache 2.0 license which allows you to build your business on top of them and augment your journey when developing with Hyperledger frameworks.
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