Blockchain infrastructure in the cloud, decentralized

We do the heavy-lifting so that you can easily deploy and manage nodes from any private, hybrid, or side-chain blockchain in your own public or private cloud

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Don't give your control away.

The status quo to install and manage blockchain/DLT infrastructure is less than ideal.

Do it yourself

Every participant installs and manages their own infrastructure. It becomes unmanageable pretty quickly.

Not all network participants have the same level of sophistication and each blockchain framework is completely different from each other. Imagine the work to upgrade a network of 100 participants one by one. Or making your IT team experts on every blockchain framework you need.

A centralized Blockchain as a Service

Making all the network participants be in a single cloud provider? Yeah, that’s a thing today. BaaS is great for POCs, not that much for production.

All the infrastructure resides in single-cloud black boxes.
Chain participants have to sacrifice the benefits of the Blockchain technology for easiness to administer that infrastructure. Having to face lack open scalability and control, and at the end trusting a third party.

Meet Forma. The happy middle.

With Forma you can automate the deployment and management of Blockchain infrastructure right to your own cloud wherever you want

In Blockchain, a managed service (Blockchain as a Service) makes no sense after the POC, so we are building the future.

How Forma works

Bring your own servers

All that is needed is a vanilla Kubernetes cluster. We know how to talk to it in a variety of cloud providers, even your own datacenter.

By plugging in Forma your cluster automatically starts to support almost any major blockchain framework.

Create and join networks

You can be invited to a join an existing network or you can deploy a new one in less than 3 clicks.

Managing one or a 1,000 networks is the same for you, you never have to get into each framework inner details.

Deploy your smart contracts

Smart Contract systems are a rare breed of software. Getting approval and access from the network participants to their infrastructure plus managing your own off-chain services may seem overwhelming.

With Forma that becomes a rather easy task so you can just focus on your software and not the infrastructure.

The way you always thought blockchain infrastructure should have been

Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services AWS

Transparent and no cloud provider lock-in.

Components reside on your cloud, wherever you what. As easy as SaaS as transparent as Bare Metal.

Your election for a blockchain technology should be conditioned to one or another cloud provider, as well, cloud-flavors blockchains don’t make sense. Your network won’t ever be locked into one cloud offeror.

Any blockchain technology.

Each blockchain technology has different use cases. Don’t limit your options because of the limitations of the BaaS you use.

Your cloud can become a blockchain-enabled cloud since Forma will translate for you your business needs into highly technical and specific commands for each framework.

Open and manageable.​

By controlling your own nodes of multiple blockchain technologies you can connect them with any interoperability protocol out there.

Never have to wonder whether cloud provider X talks with cloud provider Y. We make them talk.

Forma already supports

Hyperledger Fabric

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