Automate Blockchain Infrastructure

Deploy nodes from any blockchain framework on your own public or private cloud for private, hybrid, and side chains.

Blockchains bring big opportunities

Blockchain gives you the ability to share a single logical repository of data with multiple organizations, in which, by bringing certain computing power to the network you can be sure that what was agreed is what governs the data.

So, infrastructure is a must.

But computing power is all that blockchain requires, you can chose if you want it running in a cloud provider or in your own datacenter. And then, connect to 10 or 1,000 companies.

Don't give your control away.

The status quo to install and manage blockchain/DLT infrastructure:

Every participant installs and manages their own infrastructure.

It becomes unmanageable pretty quickly.
Not all network participants have the same level of sophistication and each blockchain framework is completely different from each other.
Imagine the work to upgrade a network of 100 participants one by one.

Somebody centralizes all the infra in a BaaS or similar offering.

All the infrastructure resides in a single-cloud black box environment.
Chain participants have to sacrifice the benefits of the blockchain for easiness to administer that infrastructure.
Having to face lack open scalability and control, and at the end trusting a third party.

Meet Forma

We are building the happy middle between each company installing infrastructure manually and Blockchain as a Service offerings.

With Forma you can automate the deployment and management of Blockchain infrastructure right to your own cloud wherever you want

In Blockchain, a managed service (Blockchain as a Service) makes no sense.

Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services AWS

Transparent and no lock-in.

Components reside on your cloud, wherever you what. As easy as SaaS as transparent as Bare Metal.

Any blockchain technology.

Each blockchain technology has different use cases. Don’t limit your options because of the limitations of the BaaS you use.

Open and manageable.

By controlling your own nodes of multiple blockchain technologies you can connect them with any interoperability protocol out there.

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