Blockchain Coffee Traceability Hackathon

Coffee is a real deal in Costa Rica. By now you have probably already tasted a cup of coffee made in here. Due to Costa Rica’s geography, economy, and other characteristics, around 20 years ago the country decided to go by quality instead of quantity, excelling in the world. Read more.

Local coverage of the first food traceability hackathon in the region. Spanish content in El Financiero and La Nación from Costa Rica.

Regional Digital NewsPaper CriptoNoticias covers the Hackathon here.

“There is clearly no easy way to start bringing ideas to life without having to learn a new programming language or adding external components to your development lifecycle, such as containers or other components that translate to the blockchain. That said, we think this will help push forward the adoption of blockchain technologies through the immense community it has around it.” Read more.

Diario Bitcoin about the official launch of Convector to the community. Content in Spanish: Read more.

Convector Launch

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