From idea to proof of concept to production in hours

Create blockchain projects for Hyperledger without coding

How it works

You design your processes through a User Interface, click Save and Tellus translates that to blockchain structures for Hyperledger Fabric

It will self generate a testing user interface and a Swagger-enabled API.

1. Design YOUR templates

Simple to use user interface to give business meaning to your Blockchain network. Design Asset and Form structures.


Reflect your business needs, no code required, just fill a form and add the transaction stages. Build any number of transactions. Set up in less than 15 minutes.


Test to iterate your ideas or build your innovations on top of the blockchain. Even your development team won’t have to deal with Blockchain complexities. Consume your Blockchain from Web, mobile, or IoT devices.

Start in minutes

With Tellus you focus on your business, not in the complex inners. When going to production thanks to Forma you never have to worry about the infrastructure.

Tellus exposes your data dynamically, integrates with Hyperledger Fabric networks, and provides testing UIs.

Robust blockchain layer

Would you prefer creating your own database rather than using a SQL Server or Oracle? Neither do we, for blockchain, use Tellus.

Instead of building the smart contracts yourself, develop every time from scratch, and maintain an extra code base, you use a proven data layer.

Focus on what matters

You build you mobile, web, or IoT application rather than smart contracts.

All you need is an internet connection to integrate with the blockchain via the Tellus’ REST API. Your software can talk blockchain-language in hours.

Any programming language

The RESTful API supports any programming language you want. Communicate natively or through one of our SDKs. 

Any number of transactions

Since you don’t code the structure of your transactions, you design them, you can create really different transaction types through a easy to use interface.

Iterate as fast as your business

Your business changed? You have to add new fields? A new group of companies join the network?  We got you covered. Tellus iterates with you.


The best deal for developers and companies


Perfect for presales, while developing, or for evaluation​

First 15 days free.

No credit card required.

Some of the companies around the world already thriving thanks to Tellus

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